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Jeff Flake Promised that "Those accountable for the (Fast and Furious Scandal) will be held accountable

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On October 27th, in a townhall meeting in Yuma, Arizona, before his election as senator, Jeff Flake promised to hold those who had allowed and covered up the Fast and Furious scandal accountable.

The time has come for Senator Flake to start making good on his promise. On June 11th, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to begin hearings on the confirmation of B.Todd Jones as the Director of the BATFE.

Senator Flake is a member of that committee.

B. Todd Jones was present at a key meeting that occurred just before the Fast and Furious operation began. B. Todd Jones needs to answer detailed questions about that meeting.

At the townhall meeting on 27 October, I asked Jeff Flake the following question:

"What is he (then Congressman Flake) going to do to hold those people who allowed and covered up the Fast and Furious scandal (accountable) after he is elected Senator?"

His response was fairly straightforward, though he did indicate that it would be easier to do if Mitt Romney were elected president. Congressman Flake said:

"We have already passed a contempt resolution. The problems is those who enforce it work for those who we are holding in contempt. That makes it difficult to move ahead."

"We will pursue that. We will pursue that, hopefully with Mitt Romney in the White House, and those accountable will be held accountable."

"You have my word, we are going to move forward on it."

Senator Flake is on record promising that he will hold those behind the Fast and Furious scandal accountable.

Senator Flake, some tough questioning of B. Todd Jones about what was discussed at the Southwest Border Strategy Group meeting that he attended just before the start of Fast and Furious, is in order.

Senator Flake can be contacted here at Senator Jeff Flake Contact Page.

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