Saturday, July 19, 2014

CA: Intruder Ignores Warning Shots, Is Shot by Homeowner

In this strange incident, little is said about why the intruder tried to force his way into the shooters home.   All that we know is that the homeowner drove into his garage, and the intruder drove a car behind the homeowner to prevent the garage door from closing.

A verbal altercation followed, then warning shots were fired, then the  intruder was shot.

The authorities are investigating the incident, which they say stems from the rather ambiguous term "road rage".

From the

The homeowner, a 71-year-old man, drove into his garage, and the other man tried to drive in behind him, but the homeowner closed the garage door onto the hood of the other man's car, Cusimano said.
It seems unlikely that we will find out the details of this situation, but forced entry into another man's home is an invitation for him to use force against you.

If a person cannot prevent another form entering their home, it is no longer their home.

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Update: Doctor charged in shooting; Marin prosecutor has history of charging gun owners

From one of the comments:

In the other case I mention, a person was arrested after shooting a knife- wielding attacker who had broken into the victim's house through the window while the victim was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher. The victim had never committed a crime in their life and had a restraining order against the attacker. The victim had called the police many times about the attacker. The attacker got in through the broken window, lunged at the victim to wrest the gun away and was shot and killed. The victim was charged with murder by our Marin DA but the judge threw out the charge, so the DA is now pursuing manslaughter charges against the victim. The victim is still in jail after many months, awaiting trial, cannot afford the bail amount. I read in the IJ that the DA will push for 21 years prison time, because he used a gun. 21 years for defending yourself in your own home against an armed intruder while you are on the phone to 911? REALLY?!?

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