Thursday, July 31, 2014

VA: Clerk Shoots one of two Robbery Suspects

On Monday, 28 July, a robbery was attempted at a Chesapeake, Virgina Exxon station.      It wasn't the first time.   The reporter stated that it was the second robbery at the station this month.   The robber displayed "a dark colored handgun".   As the robber was leaving the store, the clerk fired several shots.

At first, it was not clear if any of the shots had connected.  Then, 35 minutes after the holdup,  19 year old Terry Graves checked into Maryview Hospital with a gunshot wound to the shoulder.   His picture is shown above.  From

 Investigators confirmed Graves was the suspect who had been shot at the gas station, and he was arrested.

The woman pictured, Michelle Barber, was arrested and charged with driving the getaway vehicle.   Both were charged with robbery and use of a firearm in commission of a crime.

This story shows the utility of fighting back.   Even though no one was killed, the wound was sufficient to lead to an arrest, and an excellent chance of conviction.    The match with DNA evidence at the scene and video footage is likely to be conclusive.

No information was given as to the caliber of the firearm used.  From the picture, it appears that either Graves was facing the clerk or the bullet completely passed through Graves, leaving an exit wound.   The location of the bandage would indicate a likely penetration of the left lung, but without further information, we cannot be sure.   Any penetrating wound of the torso is serious; however, a good friend of mine was stabbed in the chest, with the lung being punctured.   He was treated at the hospital and insisted on being released.  He healed very well and did not require additional treatment.  He was in his 80's at the time.

The armed response of the clerk is likely to lead to a reduction of robberies in the area, at least for a time.

Nothing was said of the robbers firing at the clerk. Criminals' handguns are often in poor shape or unloaded.

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Charles Curran said...

Any worry that the robber was leaving, and therefore the clerk was no longer in fear of his life?