Saturday, July 26, 2014

UK Paper Gets it Right: Hero doctor stops hospital shooting rampage

The UK is a very unfriendly place for the gun culture, yet compare this headline from the with the old media in the U.S.:
Hero doctor stops hospital shooting rampage: Psychiatrist uses his own gun to shoot patient who killed caseworker in front of him
Here is the Washington Post:
Authorities search for motive in gunfight between psychiatric patient and doctor
Consider that the doctor had just witnessed a murder of a coworker in front of him, and was wounded in the head and hand while defending himself and others.

It says a great deal when a British paper delivers better reporting than a supposed "elite" American paper.   I am waiting for the Post to find that somewhere in his past, the good Doctor Silverman had some military or police training.   Then all will be explained... because, you see, it wasn't really a "civilian" defensive gun use after all!   Sarcasm alert.

I would like to see Shannon Watts public apology for her statement, when asked about shootings in public places being stopped by a "good guy with a gun", to use Wayne LaPierre's phrase.
Watts responded: "This has never happened. Data shows it doesn't happen."
That was a lie at the time, of course, as illustrated numerous times here:

 Mass Killings Stopped by Armed Citizens

I do not expect Shannon Watt to apologize.   If she would, it would undercut her whole media campaign, and likely stop the Bloomberg funding.

But it appears that the Washington Post has a long way to go before it regains any reputation as a reliable news source.   I had great hopes after the paper changed hands last year...

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Wireless.Phil said...

You know by now that the traitors to the US Constitution and specifically to the second amendment,  are the media and the anti-gun crowd.

Don't we shoot traitors in this country anymore or at least lock them up for life without the chance for appeal or parole?

If not, we sure the hell should!

Do any of these idiots know that they, and their chiodren are still required by law to regester with the Selective Service, aka The Draft, should war break out?