Tuesday, July 22, 2014

FL:Hit and Run, Then Gunfight

Location of Till Dawn Bottle Club at 8205 Dale Mabry Highway

In this unusual case in Tampa, Florida, little is reported about possible motivations; but we can make informed speculations.  The facts are this.   A patron of the Till Dawn Bottle Club was thrown out of the club at about 3:30 a.m.

He drove off in a Dodge Challenger, and subsequently rear ended a GMC Yukon that was being driven by a visitor from Pennsylvannia, Alexander Sierra, 27.  Alexander was accompanied by his brother and girl friend.

They followed the Challenger until its driver lost control and hit a wall.  I will presume that the Challenger's driver was under the influence of alcohol and or other drugs. 

Alexander and his brother exited the Yukon.   The Challenger driver exited the Challenger.

Now, a Chevy Camaro pulls up, and the Driver exits the Camaro.  From tampabay.com:

Sierra and the driver of the Camaro exchanged gunfire before the Camaro driver fled the scene. He was later located by Tampa police officers on Interstate 4 at exit 1. He was detained and turned over to sheriff's deputies.  Alexander Sierra, from PA, ended up in the hospital with a gunshot wound.
My suspicion is that the visitor from PA was legally able to posses firearms, and the driver of the Camaro was not, though those suspicions are merely inferences from the story. 

The driver of the Challenger once again fled the scene and has not been located.

There may be follow up stories, there may not.    I wonder if the driver of the Challenger and the Driver of the Camaro have some sort of connection. 

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