Saturday, July 26, 2014

MA: But, Nobody Wants to Take Your Guns!

We hear the tired old shibboleth trotted out in the debate over the second amendment again and again: "Nobody Wants To Take Your Guns".  Except when they do.  Here is Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans on Boston Public Radio, second hour, starting about 9:20:

“For the most part, nobody in the city needs a shotgun, nobody needs a rifle, and I don’t know a lot of people who are into hunting who, being lifelong residents, would actually want that who lives in the city, but, especially here in the city I want to have discretion over who’s getting any type of gun because public safety is my main concern and as you know it’s an uphill battle taking as many guns off the street right now without pumping more into the system.”
There are several minutes of ignorance of crime statistics and simple desire for more power over peoples lives shown in these few minutes of discussion.  But what is abundantly clear is that the Police commissioner does not think people need any kind of guns in the city, and that the police should have full authority to decide who has one and who does not.   At one point, the "moderator" says, well, if it was unconstitutional, then it would be unconstitutional for handguns as well, wouldn't it?  Clearly the moderator never read the Heller decision.   It is just as clear where her sympathies lie.

The police commissioner, several times says that he doesn't want people to have rifles or shotguns, because they might be stolen and used by criminals.  Wow.  So we will trample on the rights of honest people, because we are afraid that criminals will steal.   It is obvious that he does not consider the right to be armed of any importance at all.

So, if you are from the 95 percent of the country where police cannot prevent you from owning guns, and you move to Massachusetts, the police commissioner thinks he should be able to tell you whether you can own one or not.   And if he decides that you should not own them?   I suspect that he will either come to take them or force you to turn them in.  

The end game has always been to reduce the number of firearms owners until it is politically insignificant.   The police commissioner is obviously miffed that it has not happened yet.

Yes, he wants to take your guns.  Or he wants to decide whether or not you can have them.   It amounts to the same thing.

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Wireless.Phil said...

More antigun propaganda coming this fall on FOX!
Utopia does not exist, anywhere. No matter how many the of idiot gun grabbers want it!

An American adaptation of a Dutch program, preview looked good, but what about the rest??

More below the video:

3-Night Series Premiere SUN SEPT 7

From unscripted mastermind John de Mol, and based on the hit Dutch television series of the same name, comes television's biggest social experiment, UTOPIA.

Since the dawn of time, humans have always wondered: does a perfect world exist? Now, we get the chance to build one. Will it be ultimate happiness or utter chaos?

With no existing power structures and limited amenities, these “pioneers” will be faced with rewriting the rules. Will they choose democracy or dictatorship? Fidelity or free love? Will they punish or forgive? Choose religion or rationalism? Share with others or hoard for themselves? What conflicts will emerge, what leaders will arise? What principles will guide their daily lives and inform their deepest decisions?