Sunday, July 27, 2014

Will Emily Miller Carry in DC?

Emily Miller is the famous investigative reporter who wrote the series  "Emily Gets Her Gun" about applying for a permit to legally own a firearm in the District of Columbia.  The series led to her successful book of the same title.   An autographed copy sits near my elbow.   I met Emily a couple of years ago at a Gun Rights Policy Conference.   She is a sharp woman, intimately familiar with the insanity of D.C. gun laws, who owns a legally registered handgun in the District of Columbia.

She recently tweeted:
Stay tuned- I'm writing a story with the details on the decision -- and how DC will be forced to allow gun carry rights.
What I find fascinating is that Emily is in an ideal position to actually exercise her second amendment rights in the District of Columbia tomorrow.   She has always wanted to be able to carry her handgun, a Sig Sauer P229, if only with the 10 round magazines allowed in the District.   Now she may legally do so.

She may only have a short window of opportunity, as it is possible that the District's attorneys will be able to convince an appeals court judge to issue a stay against the decision.   I do not think this is likely, at least not immediately.  After all, tomorrow is Sunday, the House of Representatives just voted to defund any gun law enforcement by the D.C. government, and two fairly high profile cases have been brought against obviously law abiding citizens with the very laws under question.   All this works against any kind of "emergency" stay.

The summary judgment by the court does not differentiate between open and concealed carry.   Emily could commemorate her celebration of freedom for men and women everywhere with a picture of her carrying with a recognizable D.C. landmark in the background.

I wish Emily the best.  She is a real trooper.   I would love to see that photograph!

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