Friday, July 18, 2014

IL: State Police Change Rules on Concealed Carry License

The Illinois State Police have come under a lot of pressure as the magnitude of the lawsuits they are facing under the Concealed Carry License procedures has become known.   Even the old media in Illinois has been complaining that the procedures are secret, people are not told why they were denied, and this is not following due process.    There are hundreds of lawsuits pending.

They have decided to modify the process.   They issued a press release about  emergency rules on July 14th.   According to

In a memo, the State Police Director Hiram Grau cites these lawsuits as a reason for the emergency rules. "It is anticipated," he writes "that the volume of litigation will continue until the statutory framework is bolstered by a regulatory process."

Under the new rules, persons denied a concealed carry license will learn the reason, and be told what law enforcement agency made that determination. They then have to hurry to find evidence that proves they're not a danger to themselves or others or a threat to public safety -- they get ten days to make their case to the board.
This does not mean that the lawsuits will be set aside.   No one knows how the courts may rule, but it shows that the process will change, and probably more than what these initial reforms indicate.  Ten days is not much time to put together legal documents and evidence, make possible travel arrangements or even arrangements for delivery of official documents.   Any way that you look at it , there is a weekend in there, maybe a long one.    The press release states that the official rules will be published in the July 25 Illinois Register. 

It seems the Illinois police are giving themselves 12 days to publish the actual new rules.

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