Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dave Workman: Does press ignore police on guns unless they support restrictions?

As usual, Dave Workman is well worth the read:

Breaking news late yesterday in Seattle and an editorial Sunday in Massachusetts just might reinforce the notion among gun rights activists that press bias on Second Amendment issues is thriving from one coast to the other.

On Sunday, the Berkshire Eagle ran an editorial urging Massachusetts lawmakers and residents to “heed” police chiefs who want more discretion to deny citizens the right to own or possess firearms. Gun rights activists in that state are tired of police chiefs who treat the Second Amendment as a highly-regulated government privilege rather than a constitutionally protected civil right.


 “There is a virtual news blackout of the fact that WSLEFIA took its positions on the initiatives a year ago,” Burris told his audience, “and the fact that the Washington Council of Police and Sheriff’s voted to oppose 594 and support 591 on June 27. The news media have an anti-gun bias, we know that. They don’t want to examine the issue; they just want their rich anti-gun cronies to succeed in passing 594.”

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