Saturday, July 26, 2014

SC: Marine takes Robber Suspects Gun, but does not Advise it

Classic defensive training, as I received 40 years ago.  Evaluate the situation.  Use a disarm technique only if you think you are likely to get shot anyway.  They are high risk techniques.  Kudos to Mr. Morris.

He says his reaction was instinctive, but he only did it because he was sure the guy was going to shoot him even if he had turned over his money.

 "The look in the guy's eyes, I was going to get shot whether I gave him my money or not," said Morris, a Desert Storm veteran. "I had nothing to lose. It's dumb to try it, but in that situation, with his demeanor, I did not think I had a choice. It was either stand there and get shot or get shot trying to get away or take the gun from him."

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