Saturday, July 30, 2016

AL: Pointed Pink Pistol Protects Pregnant Person

Now five months pregnant, she said she was taking matters into her own hands when she shot a man who police say was trying to break into her house overnight.

"I thank God that I had protection 'cause if I didn't, you never know what could have happened,” Turner said. “This was my first time pointing and shooting. I never been to a gun range. I never went to target practice or anything. I was just, at the time, protecting myself.”

She said she got the pink Millennium 9 pistol two years ago for protection.

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Luke said...

Had the pistol for 2 years, but hadn't ever shot it. I'm honestly curious how many other people are in the same situation. I suspect it's actually quite a few.

Anonymous said...

I just can not imagine buying a gun and not shooting it almost immediately. You really need to get used to the feel of the gun. How do you hit anything if you don't know how it feels to shoot it? the first time you have a need to use it is not the time to find out how it handles. I consider my self an expert with fire arms and every gun I have ever fired has a different feel in the hands. I'm looking for a 1911 colt .45 ACP for a reasonable price. I have bought everything I need for one now all I have to do is buy the gun. What I would really like to get is the Berretta 9 mm M92 with the 4 and 1/4 barrel I already have everything for it too. I have even made a custom shoulder holster for them. You can never have too many guns or enough ammo. Well I do need a .45 cal. bullet mold and a size die and top punch I have way too many projects going on right now. never seems to be enough time or enough money. I just bought several power tools to complete numerous projects with. I'm building a camping trailer gun case and had to get a radial arms saw. I have spent over 4k in the last month on guns and tools. I spent over 600 at the Yuma gun show and only got about half of what I went after. I'm also looking for the Ruger single six 30 carbine round, pistol. I like to have sets rifle and pistol that shoot the same ammo.