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European and want a Gun? Be Swiss

The Swiss have always had a lot of guns and significant freedom.  Machiavelli noted it in "The Prince" in 1517:
“Moreover, a Republic trusting to her own forces, is with greater difficulty than one which relies on foreign arms brought to yield obedience to a single citizen. Rome and Sparta remained for ages armed and free. The Swiss are at once the best armed and the freest people in the world.”
The Swiss have remained one of the best armed countries in the world since then.  Many claim they escaped most of the ravages of WWII because of their citizen army.  Switzerland is said not to "have an army" but "be an army". The current spate of terrorist attacks in Europe has reinforced Swiss' love of arms. Because of their universal training and weaponry, Switzerland has the largest potential army in Europe.  1.5 million men capable of bearing arms, who have the arms and ammunition and training. The Swiss are buying even more guns. From
GENEVA — Business at Daniel Wyss’ gun shop has been brisk lately in the village of Burgdorf near Switzerland’s capital of Bern.

He said the increased demand for firearms is triggered by a growing fear among the Swiss public that terrorists could attack their tranquil land at any time.

As nations around Europe tighten their gun laws after a series of terror attacks in several countries since 2015, the Swiss are bucking this trend by turning to firearms for protection.

Official statistics show that gun sales in some parts of Switzerland soared nearly 50% after last year’s attacks in Paris and the March bombings in Brussels. And gun sales continue to grow since the killings in France and Germany in the past two weeks.

In Wyss’ shop, “the demand for pistols, revolvers and pump-action guns rose by 30% to 50% after this month’s attacks in Nice and Munich,” he told USA TODAY.
USA Today cannot help but throw in some anti-Second Amendment propaganda, which is blatantly misleading:
Even though guns are prevalent, the violent crime rate is relatively low: about 7.7 firearm homicides a year per 1 million people, according to Human Development Index. In the United States, that number is nearly 30, one of the highest in the world.
First, the mind trick is to only look at "gun deaths". That is insane.  If reducing the number of guns increases other deaths, or makes no difference, what is the point of the policy of reducing guns?

Second, the author parrots the blatant lie: the US has one of the highest gun death numbers in the world, at 30 per million.  It is quickly rebuted in the comments.  Even using the biased, silly comparison of "gun deaths", many countries have rates that are much higher than the United States.  Jamaica, Brazil, Mexico, Albania, Thailand, the Philippines. Many countries do not separate out "gun homicides" such as Russia.  From
Neal Atkins ·
University of North Texas

Uh, IDIOT, the U.S. does not have the "highest firearm homicide rate in the world". Or more importantly, the highest MURDER rate. Unless of course you think some one killed by "gunviolence" is MORE DEAD than, say, the priest that was BEHEADED in France today. You might look at the socialist utopia of Venezuela for the "highest murder rate in the world". PS, only the GOVERNMENT and CRIMINALS can have gunz there.
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Ms Bachmann

Helena Bachmann ·
Morges, Switzerland
We are not including countries where gun violence is generated by civil war, conflicts, gang violence, etc.
Of course, if you take out gun violence generated by gang violence, the United States would be removed from the list, as a majority of our gun homicides are due to gang violence.

It is easy to create the statistics that you want. Change the definitions until you get the numbers that fit your agenda.  In this case, count only homicides committed with a gun.  Then eliminate most countries that make your comparison look bad by arbitrarily finding ways to ignore them. Then ignore the populations from those high violence countries that are in the United states.

The Swiss went through a dangerous period over the last 20 years. Socialists and pacifists pushed hard to disarm the country.  They did not succeed, but they pushed through much more restrictive laws than had existed prior to 1998. Military reservists no longer keep their ammunition at home.  Full auto rifles require a permit.

It appears the Swiss are re-discovering the advantages of an armed society. They always had them. Events are sharpening their appreciation.

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Anonymous said...

First of all most of the gang culture in that country does not exist, secondly a miss match in population appear to be astounding. what is the total land mass of the Swiss and then the USA. approximately a population of 313 million in the USA against what. A good part of that 313 is illegals estimated at 50 million plus. ask yourself how do unemployed illegals support themselves?