Saturday, July 16, 2016

SC: Great Grandpa Fires Shot wtih .25, Suspect Drops Cash, Flees

Police say the suspect. who was armed with a gun, demanded a cash box. The owner said the suspect could take the box, which he did, and ran out of the store.

However, the owner followed picked up his .25 pistol, followed the suspect out of the store, and fired one round into the air. That started the suspect, who dropped the box and ran into a nearby vehicle, which then left the scene.
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Anonymous said...

Any time you have a chance to stop a burglar take the shot, at least you interrupt the career and stop the burglar from robbing someone else. with the recent increase in home defense cases the career burglars are going to get more dangerous.

Anonymous said...

The bad guys don't want to get shot with anything. It doesn't have to be a .50cal or shotgun. As this article shows, .25cal is good, too.

Anonymous said...

I hate to waste ammo so good hits are important. if the hit does not kill them at least they have some experience that may change their life for the better. I have just about every kind of a weapon you can think of. I made my balanced throwing knives. cross bow, long bow, compound bow, stars, nuchucks, bowie knives, swords Machete, slingshots, rifles, pistols, shotguns smokeless and black powder, and I reload for everything I have, including casting my bullets. I'm planning on getting set up to make my own arrows. I have a gun smithing lathe, lots of power tools and hand tools. I can make just about anything I want to.