Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Senator Sherrod Brown (D) Ohio, calls for a Suspension of the Rule of Law and Constitutional Rights

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Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown has revealed either a complete ignorance of the Constitution and the framework of government in America; or he is a lying panderer.  These are not exclusive possibilities.

Senator Brown called for a suspension of law and Constitutional rights.  Moreover, he apparently thought that this could be easily done on a whim. From cleveland.com:
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Sen. Sherrod Brown has joined the call for Gov. John Kasich to suspend Ohio's open carry law during the Republican National Convention this week.

"I would hope that the governor would listen to the police union and suspend conceal and open carry in Ohio, in Cleveland, during this convention," Brown said in an appearance in Cincinnati, as reported by BuzzFeed.

"I know the governor could call a hurried special session, get the legislature to Columbus, like, tonight or tomorrow and do this."
But it becomes clear that either Senator (D) Brown is either ignorant, or simply lying and pandering to the police union:
"Ohio governors do not have the power to arbitrarily suspend federal and state constitutional rights or state laws as suggested. The bonds between our communities and police must be reset and rebuilt, as we're doing in Ohio, so our communities and officers can be safe.''

Article 1 of the Ohio Constitution specifically limits the right to suspend laws to the legislature: "No power of suspending laws shall ever be exercised, except by the general assembly."
In a sane society, this gaffe would be enough to insure that Senator (D) Brown, would never hold office again. He took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domenstic.  Senator Brown is not some minor Senator in the state legislature.  He is a United States Senator, one of only 100 people in perhaps the most powerful legislative bodies on the planet.  He is the senior Senator from Ohio, and has powerful positions on many important committees.

The suggestion that the governor suspend law and Constitutional rights on a whim, when there has not been the slightest reason to believe a state of emergency exists, shows that Senator Brown is unfit for office.

Senator Brown was first elected to public office in 1974, just after graduating from Yale.  His entire adult life has been either in public office or, concurrently, in academia.  He is far to the left of center, and is considered on the short list of Hillary Clinton's picks for the Vice President slot as of July 7th, 2016.

I do not believe that Senator Brown is ignorant of the Constitution. It is much more likely that he regards it as irrelevant or a minor obstacle to be overcome.

This makes him a very dangerous man.

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Anonymous said...

Nah, he probably just wants to get his name on the list of traitors that I hope will be hunted down if civil war breaks out.

Anonymous said...

A declaration of martial law will light the fuse to civil war. it is draft dodgers like this that have taken over our government.

Anonymous said...

They don't care anymore and are just beginning to get bold about it.

Anonymous said...

Well, we could suspend the Constitution right before we decide his fate.

Wireless.Phil said...

I live here in Ohio, he's turned into an idiot!
They all want to jump on the anti-gun BS because they think it gives them points and attention in the media.

Anonymous said...

They are getting brave because they have never seen or realize what 400 million guns and billions of rounds of ammo looks like stacked up in front of them or had the experience of those guns aimed at them. they look at their impressive efforts to build all forms of military equipment that the average person could not comprehend going up against and think we do not have a chance of beating them. It only proves that our government has been taken over by the draft dodgers that avoided serving in Vietnam. Well there is not a piece of armor, tanks and APCs, gunships and bombers that can not be destroyed with fire or poison gas. they have never had to pull any one off of punji stakes. Or watch someone die from a snake bite. they have never seen a head cut off of a friend. the Vietcong used cross bows and world war one relics when they started. all manner of booby traps Until they killed enough Americans to upgrade their weapons. Well it is my opinion that the good guys out number the elite educated pukes running our government. We lost over 58,000 men in Vietnam but millions came home to the country we fought for and they didn't. I think this country means a lot more to people who put their lives on the line than to those setting back laughing at the ones that got drafted and left some blood over there. the pukes are about to really find out just what they missed if they do not change course. we did not fight to be ruled by big brother we fought for freedom for everyone even the pukes. do they really think they are going to get away with destroying what real patriots fought for? this country belongs to the people that made it great with hard work and patriotism , not the shit head pukes that think they know what is best for me and my children. those decisions are mine to make. I did not ask them for help. I did not give them my permission and I am not about to tolerate them interfering with my future or that of my posterity. they can kill me but what they need to understand is we can kill them when pushed into it. with no combat experience they just do not have any understanding of how dangerous the things they are doing are.

Anonymous said...

It is too bad that people do not understand how easy it is to take what is needed in war time from the people left behind with two smiles, one on their face and one in their neck, and will never use the equipment and supplies again that patriots need to win this coming war. the best security system in the would is only as good as the first time it fails. when the monitor operators die who gives the alarm? a lot of people have no knowledge of how to destroy well protected compounds and then there are those that are experts at destroying anything. A lot of military equipment is made of magnesium. it is very hard to get magnesium to burn unless you know how. Once it starts burning it is very hard to stop. Armor plate is very protective unless you know how to burn through it. Sugar is very tasty it also stops bleeding and destroys engines, flour makes great foo gas. I would rather be shot than have granulated salt thrown in my face. never never never mix ammonia and chlorine bleach together, the gas created will kill you. snipers need to be really good at night fire. what you can make makeshift silencers from is amazing. keep your one and two liter plastic soda bottles you may find a use for them. You should always have a cup of canteen water. and duck tape is very useful. did you know bamboo is so hard you can make arrow heads with it? blow guns are very quiet and effective. Upgrading your equipment and increasing your supplies can be easy as long as you can be quiet.

Anonymous said...

Phil: the issues is hot enough. what it tells you is where they actually stand because they would get the same media attention on either side if they are against the issue they were probably always against the issue. Just remember who they are and where they stand. you do not let anti gunners into your camp standing up.