Friday, July 22, 2016

Followup MS: No Charges for Armed Person who Shot Aggressive Auto Burglar

"This individual that was shot is an alleged suspect involved in an auto burglary at this location," said Commander Tyree Jones. "At some point in the cause of the auto burglary, a business or worker at this location approached the individual armed with a handgun advising him to stop."

Police say at that point the teen didn't stop and instead lunged at the armed business owner.

"At some point there was a struggle between the victim and the individual armed with a gun and the victim was shot," added Commander Jones. "We have detained for questioning at this time the individual that shot the 17 year old. He is at police headquarters being interviewed as we speak."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


The 17-year-old alleged perp is a CRIMINAL - not a victim!

The only victim here is Performance Oil and Equipment and their employees.

The lame-stream media is trying to re-write society, making criminals look like sweet innocent angels, and gun-owning defenders look like raving lunatics.

Ain't gonna succeed ...