Tuesday, July 26, 2016

LA: 34 Year old fights with Girl, pulls Knife, Father Shoots man, is arrested

At 6:43 p.m. Friday, a 34-year-old man engaged in a verbal altercation with an unknown woman. The 34-year-old eventually pulled out a knife and struck the woman. The woman's father, 28-year-old Kirk Rawles, pulled out a gun and fired multiple shots, hitting the 34-year-old several times. The 34-year-old was taken to the hospital in critical condition and Rawles was arrested.

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The victim had been fighting with Rawles' daughter when he pulled out a knife and began hitting her. Rawles pulled out a gun and fired multiple shots, police said.
The victim was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. Police arrested Rawles.

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Karl said...

If the father was 28 years old, how old was the "woman"?
At what age do girls start being referred to as "women"?

Anonymous said...

If that is not self defense of another what is. I hope he sues for false arrest. It would not matter if he was a convicted felon he rightfully defended the life of another. It is a lot better to stop a murder than to stand by and watch it happen, no matter who stops it. another case of gun beats knife. this is a situation where I always claim if you are legal to be on the street after you have served your time you have as much right to self defense as anyone else. the knife holder could have attacked the bystander next. They just had 19 people attacked and killed by a knife in Japan. being in jail you are supposed to have protection from the guards. I'm sure guards would be hard to find if the prisoners were armed. but after you get out of jail you still need to be able to protect yourself. If you can not behave your self then you go back to jail. but you still have the God given right to self protection.