Monday, July 25, 2016

WI: Defensive Display in Racine

A neighbor from Wisconsin had a DGU in Racine.  His family and mine were only a half mile apart in rural Wisconsin while he was growing up. That is a close neighbor in the area.  I spoke to him over the phone about the incident.  He disires anonymity.

On Thursday, July 14th, after getting off of work at 4 p.m., he drove his mother in law to a local Shopko to pick up a prescription.  His son came along to do a little shopping.  My former neighbor was driving a Ford crew-cab F150.  He dropped off his mother in law and son, then drove to a spot a little away from other vehicles.  There he could watch the doors for when his son and mother in law came out.  This put him a bit closer to a plasma purchasing center than to the Shopco. It was 86 degrees and breezy, so both windows were open. He turned off the truck, and started to read his kindle.

Loud rap music alerted him to a vehicle two parking spots  behind him. A quick glance in the mirror showed two black men in a beat up Toyota sedan.   The passenger got out of the sedan and started to walk toward my neighbor's F150. The passenger was wearing a white, "wife beater" t-shirt.  The driver had a skull cap on. My neighbor reached under the folded down console, retrieved a Ruger SR22, and rested it on top of the console, in his hand.  It would not be visible unless you were looking in the window.

The driver of the Toyota pulled up to within six inches of the F150's driver's door, blocking that exit. As my neighbor saw the driver look past him, he turned to look to his passenger side window.

The Toyota's passenger had arrived there.  As the passenger looked inside, through the open window, he saw the SR22 in my neighbor's hand.  A forced grin appeared on his face, as he said, "hey.." and walked 15 feet in in front of the F150.

The Toyota driver drove forward, the passenger got back in, and they screeched out of the parking lot, onto the highway, heading toward a not so nice part of town.

The tag on the Toyota was an illegible paper dealer tag or a facsimile thereof.

My neighbor said that he had remained very calm throughout the 30 seconds that it took for this event to transpire.  Then, as the adrenaline reaction set in, he started shaking. This is a common occurrence after a DGU.

He has a concealed carry permit and carries regularly.  The SR22 belongs to his wife, who also has a CCW.  It was in the truck because she works at a school, and cannot take it on school property, so that day it had been placed in the truck with him.

To show how far political correctness has driven us, when I asked for the descriptions of the Toyota's driver and passenger, he was hesitant to identify them as black.  He did not wish to be accused of racism.

He would rather be in northern Wisconsin where he grew up, but you go where there is work.

I have no doubt that the Toyota driver and passenger intended to commit a nasty criminal act.  You do not drive so close to a driver's door so as to block the exit in the normal course of events, while your partner approaches the passenger side.

Nothing was reported to the police.  My former neighbor wanted to avoid problems.  No crime had been committed.

The description of two slender black males of average height, one wearing a skull cap, the other a wife beater t-shirt, in a beat up and rusty Toyota sedan, is not very definitive.

Just another defensive display that almost certainly stopped a violent crime.  Nothing for the news, here.

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