Sunday, July 31, 2016

OR:Mike Strickland Defends First Amendmeant Rights and Life with Second Amendment, is Thrown in Jail

A year ago, Mike Strickland was beaten and ended in the hospital for several months.  His cameras were stolen, then returned with the drives wiped.  He has video of the attack, but the authorities refused to prosecute.  Recently, Mike was threatened by a mob of anarchists and Black Lives Matter activists again.  This time he protected himself. 

Victoria Taft has written a well researched article, with video, that shows Mike Strickland defending himself from the mob in Portland.  The link has it all. From
Mike Strickland was arrested and charged in Portland for pulling a gun at a Black Lives Matter/anarchist protest when a mob converged on him. But now he sits in jail. As one person put it, “[Mike Strickland] is now a political prisoner in Multnomah County.”

Showing how intolerant and censorious college campus administrators have become, he has been banned from two local campuses. From
Strickland, the man charged with waving a gun at protesters last week at a Don't Shoot PDX march, has been banned from Portland State and Portland Community College's campuses.

The two schools confirmed Wednesday that Strickland will not be allowed to set foot on campus if and when he is released from custody. Portland State is banning Strickland for two years. PCC's ban is indefinite, but Strickland could appeal the decision. Both schools informed Strickland of the ban last week.
So there you have it.  Be beat and put in the hospital for months, with video proof.  Have your creative work stolen/destroyed.  Then have the authorities refuse to prosecute. 

When you continue to exercise your First Amendment rights, you are threatened again. You refuse to be a victim.  The authorities throw you in jail, with ridiculous bond requirements.  James O'Keefe, from project Veritas, says the bond is set at $250,000. From projectveritas:
Mike Strickland is someone I know. I respect him because he makes little to no money going to these events trying to hold people accountable. He’s fought for both the First and Second Amendments for half a decade and he does so at great risk to himself.

The court set bond for Mike at $250,000.
 Link to Video

I have become cynical over the years. This is outrageous.  The local authorities will keep Mike jailed to prevent him from doing his citizen journalism.  If I had been in Portland, I could easily have been in Mike's spot, so it hits close to home.

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Anonymous said...

In the old west we would just get a group together and break him out of jail. I saw the video It would have been very hard for me not to have shot. He was being attacked. we have the recent story of one punch killing a man. under the definition in the law for assault, anyone touching you without your permission is guilty of assault, when you are being attacked that is criminal assault. I have been attacked by more than one, well over six, when I let them see my gun they said you cant shoot us all, I said no but I'm doing the shooting, all of you clear out or you mouthy will be my fist shot. It did not take long for them to disappear.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, where be da NRA? Cough cough.
This man is indeed a political prisoner, and one more thing too, this is exactly why there ought be no such thing as "prosecutorial discretion" along with Citizens, NOT politicians, in charge of the Grande Jury and its process.

There are ways to fic and to stop what happened to this man, ways that do not just make him go away with a couple million taxpayer earned dollars. These ways are found in restoring what the Constitution actually says, rather than what some robed kings said it says, errrr ummm means.

Ummm, where be da Second Amendment Foundation? How about the ACLU? Sheesh, where is the REPUBLICAN PARTY?

See it folks, please, see this all for what it is, especially by who ISN'T making a huge fuss.....but should be making the loudest comments of all!