Thursday, July 28, 2016

OR: Reverend Spends $3,000 of Church Money to Destroy a $700 Rifle

An Oregon Episcopal church man has won a rifle at a raffle to benefit a girls softball team.  He wanted very much to destroy that rifle.  The Girls' softball team and the rifle's manufacturer, were smiling all the way to the bank.  It was a win-win-win.

When Jeremy Lucas, a reverend at the Christ Church Episcopal Parish in Lake Oswego, won an AR-15 rifle in a local raffle he was overjoyed.

Not because he had any plans for hunting or target practice, but because, even though he had spent roughly $3,000 on raffle tickets, he planned to destroy the gun.
The raffle was done by a girls softball team to raise money for expenses.
An area softball team is raffling off an AR-15 rifle to raise money to compete in a California tournament later this month.

For $20 a ticket, 15 girls from Centennial, Gresham, and Milwaukie high schools are hoping that the rifle raffle earns them the $6,000 they need to represent Oregon at the West Regional Tournament in Lancaster, Calif., July 23-27.
With Lucas' church money, the team raised just short of $10,000.  Rifle raffles are very popular, and tend to be successful. There would be no reason to turn down Lucas church money.  Cash is cash.  A rifle is a rifle.  If you buy it, they will make more!

Reverend Lucas is quoted.  The quote manages to place many conceptual falsehoods in one sentence.
"Even if it's one gun out of a million, it's one less for someone to hurt someone else or themselves with."
 But that is conceptually false.  Rifles are not irreplacable.  Manufacturers have been operating at full speed for the entire span of the Obama presidency.  Detroying one rifle simply means that another will be made by a manufacturer, and  that manufacturer will make more profit.

Lucas is doing something else.  He is engaged in a morality play, where he is the good guy and the rifle is the evil thing. It is the deodand concept from medieval Europe. It makes him feel morally superior, but to most people he simply looks foolish.  At least in medieval Europe, the Church kept to money or sold the item to benefit the poor.

So, win-win-win-win. The softball team wins.  The rifle manufacturer wins. Lucas is able to feel morally superior.  He wins. Second Amendment supporters win as well.  This sort of silly moral posturing does not play well with most Americans.

Rifles, as a matter of fact and FBI statistics, are the type of firearm least used to murder people. And this type of rifle is exactly the type that should be most protected by the Constitution, it is a perfect example of a militia rifle.  As a long gun, it makes a great home defense gun.  The AR15 type of rifle has become the most popular rifle in the United States.

Gun manufacturers are having a hard time keeping them on store shelves. When Lucas buys a rifle to destroy it, he insults the intelligence of a hundred million Americans.  Perhaps a couple million will applaud him.

Lucas may believe that rifles are not used for anything constructive, but that is  false.  He is free to practice his religion and make his moral statements, because men with rifles protect him.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Reads like the raffle was fixed so he couldn't lose!

Anonymous said...

I just can not come up with the words to describe some one like his guy. The church thing to do would be to have a drawing at the church for members only that may not be able to have a gun like that for home protection. I know how to destroy a gun like that very easily, bend it over his dumb head. If that preacher will try reading his bible he will find that God gave us the right of self protection and the duty to protect others from harm. it is very well detailed in the Bible. Truthfully the bill of rights are from/based on the Bible. This is why God requires people to read the Bible and study his word so they personally know what is in it and not what someone says is in it. This country was founded for religious freedom not freedom from religion. the framers of the constitution were very religious men, save one and he was an atheist but he agreed with very thing they wrote. because it is all common sense for intelligent people. even preachers will answer on judgment day. Revelation chapter 22 verses 18 and 19. Because of that passage I will not have a copy of the NIV in my home. I use the KJV and I'll tell you why. there are a very few errors in the KJV, when it was translated from Aramaic to English. it states thou shall not kill. the correct translation is thou shall not murder, very big difference. Murder is vengeance or planed. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. defending your God given life and the life of others is required. that is the basis why you do not go to jail for self defense. God also protects soldiers that have to kill in time of war If you are defending you access to God, your religion. Try something read it for yourself. The NIV has far to many errors what they call changes to make it easier to read. every word has it own special meaning. That passage commands that nothing be changed. why would it be important to leave out the word LORD 56 times? Is LORD a difficult word to say? The NIV is subtly misleading. I have never seen any one die while reading the Bible, try it you'll like it. Just read a correct translation. It is not something you let someone else do for you.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that called brandishing a firearm? He sure looks a lot tougher that the wimps I have known? yes that is a question mark.