Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mexico Looking at Second Amendment?

Mexico had a flourishing, legal, gun culture until 1972, when the Mexican government made private, legal, ownership of guns extremely difficult and expensive.  The change in law was meant to disarm the political opposition and keep the existing power structure in place.  The power structure has remained in place, but it has not flourished.  Much of Mexico is contested ground, with narco-cartels that are not aligned with the Mexican government in armed conflict with the Government and its cartel allies.  Private citizens are caught in the crossfire, abused by both sides, and denied the legal ability to arm themselves.

There are plenty of firearms in Mexico. Most of them are illegal.  It degrades what respect for law there is by Mexican citizens.  A Mexican senator wants to change that. From chron.com:
On October 6, 2016, Mexican Senator Jorge Luis Preciado of the Partido Acción Nacional (PAN) published a policy recommendation in the Senate Gazette to amend Article 10 of the Mexican Constitution to emulate the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, allowing Mexico citizens to carry handguns for personal protection in their homes, vehicles and businesses.

Preciado argues that the natural right to possess arms as a means of self-defense is affirmed in the Second Amendment, which states that “a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Preciado stated that Mexicans, too, “have the right to legitimate self-defense, and if a criminal enters my house or my business, he should at least know that on the other side there could be someone that has a weapon with which to respond … because we have organized groups that are completely armed and we have a society that is in a complete state of defenselessness.”
Quite a few guns flow from the United States to Mexico illegally.  Most of them are smuggled in one by one by Jose the gardener to his uncle Juan, who wants that .22 rimfire rifle and some shells for his granja (farm).

When you look at the auto-defensa (self defense) groups, which are modern equivalents of the militias spoken of in the Second Amendment, they are mostly armed with .22 rimfire rifles and inexpensive shotguns.

Mexico has tried the strict gun control policies being promoted by the "progressives" in the United States.  They have failed miserably.  Mexico is in the middle of armed strife within its borders, with most of the citizens legally disarmed. Senator Jorge Luis Preciado offers a different option, one that allows Mexican citizens to hold their heads high, and fight for their country and their communities. Armed citizens can defend themselves, and demand justice, and accountable government.

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Anonymous said...

The problem here is Mexico does not have our constitution and does not understand the militia issue. here everyone is a possible militia member. Mexico may take that to mean some sort of uniformed brigade. then you have to think about Mexican history, for a very long time the only way the government got changed was by armed revolution. Other history of Mexico has been extremely bloody, History says Mexico is a very blood thirsty murderous culture. they had human sacrifice for centuries. I think everybody should be able to own weapons of any type they please. it takes a steady hand to shoot straight, not so much with nun chucks or a sabre. My sabre is stamped United States Marines. I haven't shaved with it lately. and I have a bowie knife on each of my pistol belts. Hunting knives throwing knives I even have a long list of other weapons. right now I'm working on over 35 pounds of bullet casting lead. putting it into to ingots. It makes a great sap. a handle and small piece of chain and I can brand their head with Lyman. a longer piece of chain and you have a mace or cord and you have bolos. with my black powder cannons I can fire a broad side. I make the cannons as a hobby. well drilling steel works great. of course they are miniature and only 36 caliber. I did make an HO rail gun. turned the wheels and made the car. I have a lot of fun with my combo metal lathe.

Anonymous said...

You will not find the word registration in the 26 words of the second amendment either. ex felon is not in the second amendment. Misdemeanor is not in the second amendment. Those words are in the repugnant laws passed by an over reaching government. the word infringe cover every possible addition to the 26 words. a beer bottle can be a weapon if it is all you have. there is no definition of what arms are. because the word infringe exists a definition can not be added. Until the word infringe is changed by a ratified constitutional amendment, there are only 26 enforceable word in the second amendment. If it is not written it can not be enforced. that is a recent USSC ruling. It has always been a legal fact.

Anonymous said...

The legislative branch of the Mexican government is the bicameral Congress of the Union.

The Senate of the Republic has a breakdown of PRI (54), PAN (38), PRD (18), PVEM (7), PT (7), and Independent (2).

The Chamber of Deputies has a breakdown of PRI (208), PAN (109), PRD (60), PVEM (42), MRN (36), MC (24), PNA (11), PES (9), and Independent (1).

Philosophically, the PRI is socialist-centrist. PAN is Christian-democrat. PRD is left of center. PVEM are greens. PT is the labor party, most often aligning with PRD. MRN is left wing nationalist. MC is social democrat. PNA is liberal centrist. PES is Christian Evangelical.

Article 135 of the Mexican Constitution reads: "This Constitution may be amended or reformed. For these amendments or reforms to become part of it, it is required that the Congress of the Union, by the vote of two third parts of the individuals present, agrees to the amendments or reforms, and that these be approved by the majority of the legislatures of the States. The Congress of the Union or the Permanent Commission in its case, shall make the computation of the votes of the legislatures and the declaration that the amendments or reforms have been approved."

Since its adoption in 1917, Mexico's Constitution has been amended 350 times, and 37 times in the past seven years alone.

So only someone very versed in the Mexican government and this senator in particular could tell if this might actually come to pass. If it did, Mexico would become a very different place, very quickly.

Anonymous said...

Read that part again until you understand it "Computation of the votes" What maters is who counts the votes. Mexico is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. the love money. money there gets you anything. they will take a loss to make a sale. and jip the next person for more. I went to Mexico years ago, went into a shop and was looking at a very nice pair of silver spurs. the sales man instantly walked up to me and said only 25 dollars. it was a fair price but I did not have 25 dollars, I was just looking and killing time. when I did not immediately purchase them, he walked away and came back seconds later and said 15 dollars. I decided to see how low he would go and started looking at other things. He came back and said 5 dollars. then asked how much I would pay. I went to a barber and got a hair cut for a dollar. the barber shaved my neck then sprayed the freshly shaved area with alcohol. that brought me right out of the chair. as my feet hit the floor his hand was out for the dollar. An 8 year old kid asked my dad if he wanted him to watch the car where it was parked for 50 cents. My dad paid the 50 cents. when we came back to our car our car was fine. the car next to ours was completely striped. we were taking my mother to a doctor that had been recommended for his success with Arthritis. she told the doctor she did not want any medicines with cortisone. she knew how dangerous cortisone is. she went into the office in a wheel chair and was almost able to walk out without help. she was making great progress until she got to heavy to walk. Our local druggist saw her and said what medications are you on, You look toxic. He said you need to stop taking that medication immediately and let me test it. He called the house after completing his tests. He said stop taking that medicine right now or you will be dead in a month. the results of his chemical tests showed the medicine was pure cortisone, not even any filler just pure pressed cortisone in tablets. in a dose that was enough for 100 people for a month and she was taking two a day. yes Mexico would become a very different place a lot of quack doctors would get shot.