Monday, July 25, 2005

Brave Brits: Toy gun pupil arrested at school : "An 11-year-old boy spent three hours in a police cell after he brandished a plastic toy gun at a schoolmate and told him to 'hand over the money.' Earl Crump, from Sheerness, Kent was arrested and taken to Sittingbourne police station after the incident at Cheyne Middle School. His mother, Tracey Crump, said she thought the punishment was too harsh. Kent Police said it acted in the public interest and any reports of firearms were taken extremely seriously."

Louisiana: Robbers shot by jewelry store owner, employee: "A jewelry store owner and a fellow employee shot and wounded two suspects during an apparent attempted armed robbery in Marrero Tuesday morning. According to Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office spokesman Colonel Bob Garner, a man dressed as an elderly woman strolled into Breaux's Jewelry in the 1900 block of Barataria and announced he was going to rob the place. Garner said the man took out a gun and fired and the store's owner, Michael Breaux, grabbed his own gun and a battle ensued during which the suspect was shot in the face. Garner said a second man then began firing into the store from outside and an employee grabbed the wounded suspect's gun and also began shooting, hitting the man outside two to three times. Both suspects ended up at the hospita."

Williams show features women who defended themselves: "Today's guests found themselves facing the ultimate choice -- kill or be killed. They chose to live. Melissa woke up in her new home with a strange man on top of her, shining a flashlight in her face. The man was also holding a gun, and Melissa had to decide to submit or fight. Using a move she learned in a martial arts class, she pushed the man off the bed and managed to take his gun. Without hesitation, she pulled the trigger, shooting and killing her attacker. We'll also talk to a security officer named Charmaine who was threatened by a strange man holding a rifle, not once, but twice in one day. The gunman appeared the first time when she was taking her daily walk through the park. The second time, Charmaine tempted fate by going back through the park that same day. This time when the gunman appeared, Charmaine was ready for him. Today, we'll find out what happened. Plus, we'll meet a grandmother who was forced to defend herself and her family, when her daughter's boyfriend became violent."

Pennsylvania: Gun grabbers target pawn shop: "A national anti-gun lobby group is trying to make an example of a local pawn shop by linking sales of guns there to crimes. The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence has filed a lawsuit against Lou's Jewelry and Pawn in Upper Darby. ... Members from the Center allege that it was a suspicious sale of a handgun at Lou's that led to the death of 13-year-old Anthony Oliver Jr. of Philadelphia last July. The center claims guns sold at the pawn shop could be linked to over 600 crimes over the past eight years."

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