Monday, July 04, 2005

Canada: Police arrest, release men, seize guns: "Two members of a first nations 'warrior' group were arrested and released without charges Monday after the Burrard Street bridge was shut down to apprehend them. Several rifles and ammunition were seized, RCMP Staff Sgt. John Ward said. The RCMP national security team is continuing its investigation even though the individuals weren't charged, he said. 'We do sometimes release people even though we have an ongoing and active investigation.' ... Ward, David Dennis, a member of the West Coast Warrior Society, and another man had just left the Lever Arms store on Burrard Street after purchasing weapons, ammunition and equipment for a first nations outdoor training program when they noticed they were being followed by police, James Ward said. The bridge was shut down, so their van was the only vehicle on the bridge when they were stopped, he said. They were surrounded by several RCMP and Vancouver police cars, and were asked one by one to leave the van. Police were pointing machine guns at the van, James Ward said. He said and his companions were arrested and held for about an hour and then taken to their van and released, he said. But police kept the weapons and equipment as well as a laptop, a couple of notebooks and cell phones."

New York: Jury declines to indict pizza delivery man: "A grand jury in Niagara County has declined to indict a pizza delivery man who fatally shot a 16-year-old boy during a robbery attempt in April. Police say the unidentified worker shot in self-defense, because Anthony Sheard attacked him in an alley and was carrying a fake gun."

US gun sales on the rise: "Gun sales in the United States are shooting up, according to current and projected firearms sale figures from gunmaker Smith & Wesson Corp. The 153-year-old Massachusetts company Wednesday said firearms sales for fiscal 2005 are expected to increase by approximately 11 percent over fiscal 2004 levels."

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