Saturday, July 23, 2005

Conn. Gun Club Can be Sued for Lead Pollution: "A group of homeowners who live near a gun club have standing to sue the club for dumping lead and other ammunition-related pollutants into the surrounding area, a Connecticut federal court has ruled... The Metacon Gun Club Inc. has operated a shooting range in Simsbury, Conn., for 15 years, court filings say. Members and guests are permitted to use large and small firearms, including shotguns, assault rifles and anti-tank guns at the site. The club borders the Farmington River, as well as a golf course, riding stable and Talcott Mountain State Park. The Simsbury-Avon Preservation Society LLC, composed of six homeowners who live near the site, claims the gun club causes water and soil contamination from chromium, lead, ammunition fragments and other pollutants. It alleges that "thousands of pounds of lead" were deposited into the environment since 1980 and the area shows a lead presence well above that allowed by state environmental laws".

Drive-in robber killed: "Police said the would-be victim of a robbery attempt early Thursday morning at a drive-through restaurant shot and killed the assailant. The robbery attempt occurred at a Jack In The Box at Lincoln Boulevard and Grant Street in Santa Monica. Police said two men were waiting in a van in the drive-through at about 4:30 a.m. Authorities said a masked man approached the passenger side of the vehicle. During a struggle, the passenger was stabbed and the assailant brandished a gun, according to authorities. Police said the driver retrieved a gun from the back seat of the vehicle and shot the assailant. Santa Monica police said the suspect died at the scene'.

Virginia: No charges in good Samaritan shooting: "A man who fatally shot a 23-year-old Falls Church man last month during a scuffle did not commit a crime, a Fairfax County grand jury found yesterday in declining to file charges. ... Steve Cornejo and a young woman had attended an apartment party early June 25 in the 12000 block of Pender Creek Circle, just off West Ox Road in Fair Oaks. About 4:30 a.m., police said, Cornejo and the woman were arguing loudly in a hallway outside the party, awakening neighbors. The two moved down to the apartment building's entryway, where one of the neighbors then intervened 'to prevent an assault that was going on on a young woman,' Horan said. The neighbor apparently was armed with a concealed handgun. After the neighbor determined the conflict between Cornejo and the woman was over, Horan said, 'every bit of evidence we had was he [the neighbor] was trying to leave, he had broken it off and was going back to his apartment when the victim [Cornejo] attacked him.'"

Texas: Woman, 70, shoots and kills relative: "Police said a 70-year-old woman shot and killed her granddaughter's husband following a family argument Saturday morning. Police are treating the shooting in the 2500 block of 37th Avenue North as a case of self-defense. Steven Porres, 28, was shot once in the chest after he allegedly broke down the front door of the home he shared with his wife and her grandmother. Police said it appeared Porres and his wife had been involved in a heated argument when he stormed out of the house. A short time later, Porres smashed in the front door of the home, the wife and grandmother told police. It was then, the grandmother told police, that she shot Porres once in the chest."

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