Saturday, July 16, 2005

Florida: Intruder killed: "An 18-year-old was shot to death early Wednesday morning after apparently breaking into a home in western Davie. Davie police said a man and young woman -- possibly father and daughter, according to neighbors -- were sleeping inside the home when an intruder came in and startled them. The man took protective action and shot the intruder twice, striking him once in the face. When police arrived, they found the intruder dead in the front doorway of the home. "At some point while this young man between the age of 18 and 20 was inside the home, several gunshots rang out," Lt. Bill Bamford said. "The young man was struck twice and he fell dead in the front foyer area of the home. We don't know if there's any relationship between this young man and the residents of the home or if this was just a random act -- that he was trying to break into a home." The victim was identified as 18-year-old Richard Rojas, of Miami."

Texas: Shooting involved earlier assault : "A shooting in East El Paso may not have been self-defense. Police tell ABC-7 that late Monday night, a group of several people went by a home twice in the 10600 block of Brian Mooney in East El Paso. Around 12:30 Tuesday morning, about ten people returned to the home a third time, breaking several windows on parked cars and a window at the home. According to Police, 18 year-old Ty Easter allegedly fired several shots from a rifle into the air and then fired several shots at the alleged vandals. Police tell ABC-7 that a 14 year-old was hit twice in the arm and buttocks. As a result of the shooting, Easter was charged with Aggravated Assault. Police officials say in this particular case, the parties are rival gang members. Earlier in the evening, officers had been called out to the home when Easter's father was assaulted with a crowbar by one of the alleged vandals. However, because Easter waited and actually sat on the roof of his home and waited for the alleged group of gang members to come back, his self defense comes into question." [So gang members don't have the right of self-defense?]

South Africa: Armed motorist saves cop: "'It's a nice change to be helped by a member of the public rather than sworn at.' This is according to Abram Makgaka, 37, a Johannesburg metro police officer, who was helped by a man from Alberton on Sunday morning when two would-be robbers surprised him while he was on duty. The Good Samaritan was the only motorist who stopped while Makgaka wrestled with the men. ... Makgaka related how he was busy setting up a speed trap on the M2 East near the Cleveland bridge when two armed men confronted him. 'I saw how they crossed the highway and moved toward me. One of the men produced a firearm, cocked it and aimed it at me. I wrestled with him and we ended up on the ground. His mate took my firearm from its holster on my hip and ran off.' One man stopped and from his car repeatedly told the robber to drop the weapon. He refused, after which the motorist fired two shots at him. The man, a 35-year-old businessman from Meyersdal in Alberton, hit the robber just above his right buttock. The would-be robber ran away."

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