Sunday, July 17, 2005

Tennessee: Robber killed at diner: "Shawn Williams pointed to the bullet holes in the wooden walls of the coffee shop where his brother was shot hours earlier Tuesday. Police say his 22-year-old brother Brandon Underwood and a woman, both armed with knives, came in about 12:45 a.m. and tried to rob the CK's. An off-duty security guard having coffee in the shop shot Underwood and killed him. 'I heard he didn't get no money or nothing,' Williams said, standing on the porch of the restaurant at 3530 Summer, where customers continued to come in for breakfast. 'That man that shot him could have just shot him in the arm or leg.'"

Fed gun ranges hit with requests for access: "Activists around the country are beginning to probe federal shooting ranges, seeking public access, if my inbound emails are any measure. This follows release of news from Bloomfield Press that federal law specifically allows such use (linked at end). So far, authorities have reportedly been resisting the public's interest in following the law, and that's putting it nicely. No one appears to be surprised by the stonewalling. Some of these target shooters have actually been motivated by the resistance they have encountered, saying it is a good arena for 'shoe-leather activism.' The reward of having a lot of new places to go shooting has also encouraged people to act."

Further to my post of July 11: "A grand jury decided a 79-year-old armed with a .357 magnum revolver acted in self-defense when he allegedly shot two men accused of breaking into his house. A grand jury did not bring charges against Gayle Martin of Dry Ridge, Ky. Justin Moore and 25-year-old Paul McGraw, 25, and Justin Moore, 19, were charged with burglary. Gayle told police the two men kicked in his back door just before 5 a.m. Saturday. Police found one wounded man in the driveway and followed a trail of blood to the other nearby."

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