Friday, July 15, 2005

Mississippi: Man claims self-defense in shooting: "A Jackson man who fatally shot an acquaintance Saturday afternoon said he acted in self-defense. ... Rouser said Taylor got out of the car and Rouser proceeded to drop off the other two men at their homes. But at the intersection of Morson Road and Summer Place, Taylor 'came out of the bushes with a pistol,' Rouser said. 'I had no other choice but to get my pistol (from) the car floor,' he said. 'If I hadn't shot him, he would have killed me. He had it pointed in my face. I've been thinking about it all night.' Rouser said Taylor left the scene after being shot. The two other men in Rouser's car also fled. Rouser said he called Jackson police and his wife, who came to pick him up."

Australia: State leads way with gun crackdown : "The Victorian Government plans to introduce Australian-first restrictions on the sale of rifles that can use new high-capacity magazines. Police and Emergency Services Minister Tim Holding said the firearms would be placed under a new classification, restricting their use to all but farmers and professional hunters. 'Manufacturers are now producing rifles that can be fitted with magazines capable of holding up to 30 bullets,' he said today. 'These types of guns should not be in the hands of everyday sporting or recreational shooters, and their use should be restricted as soon as possible.'"

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