Thursday, July 14, 2005

George Soros Wants Your Gun

Make no mistake about it, George Soros wants your gun. In addition to funding political organizations to attack George Bush and the Republicans, Soros is also one of the leading backers of International Action Network on Small Arms ("IANSA"), a well funded lefty group dedicated to keeping you from your guns. Right now the UN is meeting in New York to discuss small arms and IANSA is there to push for "an international, legally-binding Arms Trade Treaty" that would limit your 2nd Amendment rights.

One of the points IANSA stretches to make is that "gun violence is undermining the fight against poverty." IANSA says that "22 out of the 34 poorest countries are in or emerging from armed conflict" and "Almost 1000 people are dying from guns every day." Note that there is no distinction between military conflict and criminal activity in either one of those talking points.

Among the interesting ideas that IANSA promotes are that its "members around the world are working to reduce gun ownership in their communities" and "[a] gun in the home does not make anyone safer, and especially not women." There's no explanation on why they had to throw in the gratuitous point about women. Why should we trust IANSA's data? Well become they say so. IANSA also tells us why we should not trust the gun lobby. IANSA's talking points provide this tid bit:

The gun lobby says that Australia/Canada/England banned guns and now only criminals have guns -- crime rates have soared. Why would other countries follow?

These are figures provided by the gun lobby. Why would we rely on the gun lobby for unbiased research on gun violence? The truth is that if you regulate guns, you reduce the number of people shot dead every year, including suicides and accidents as well as gun homicides.

Notice, they did not actually contradict the gun lobby's statement, though they throw out a stastistic on "gun murder rates" dropping. The gun lobby's point is that crime escalates when the good guys can't own guns and the IANSA's silence on the matter is deafening.


Georgia: Woman fends off husband with stun gun: "A Columbus woman used a jolt from a stun gun Thursday to stop her estranged husband after he threatened her at her 54th Street home, police said. ... Police said Jamie Vernon, 28, shot her estranged husband with the stun gun shortly after he entered the house and started pushing and threatening the woman. Several items had been broken at the home. Jamie Vernon used the stun gun to protect herself, police said."

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