Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Louisiana: Man killed in neighborhood shootout: "A shootout in a west Shreveport neighborhood just before noon today left a man dead. The man who shot him appears to have acted in self-defense, police said. The shooting happened at Adrian and Kelly Key streets in Mooretown. Killed was Anthony Riley, 38, of Adrian Street. Police said there was an ongoing dispute between Riley and a 43-year-old man. It escalated today, witnesses said, and Riley pulled a gun and started shooting at the other man in the middle of the street. The other man returned fire, hitting Riley in the chest."

Canada: Gun control foes take fight to UN conference: "A United Nations gun control conference opening today will see Canadian gun owners seek international backing against new federal regulations, which they say will make hunting unnecessarily costly. The latest measures require most imported guns, from next April, to be marked on a part of the firearm the owners say will add up to $200 to the sales price. The owners believe support from other countries will make it easier to pressure Ottawa to cancel or revise the regulations, which specify the gun's receiver must identify Canada as the country of importation, and also show the year of arrival."

New Orleans: Intruder shot: "One man is dead after police said he broke into an apartment with two other suspects and was shot by the resident. Nikita Dabney, 20, of Destrehan, was pronounced dead at about 12:30 p.m. at the scene at 355 Meadows St. According to investigators, Dabney, Samuel Binett Jr., 19, and a 16-year-old who is not being named because of his age used an extension ladder to break into the second floor window of an apartment building. Police said Dabney entered the apartment and was shot by person who lived there. He climbed down ladder and collapsed in the yard. No charges have been filed against the shooter, but Binett and the juvenile face charges of manslaughter and breaking and entering. Police said the manslaughter charge was filed because it's an element of the crime".

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