Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Louisiana: Jeweler gets best of robbers in gun fight: "Two suspects in a botched jewelry store robbery were wounded so badly in a shootout with the store owner and an employee that police have not been able to interview them about a third suspect who was still at large on Wednesday. The shootout occurred at Breaux's Jewelers in Jefferson Parish Tuesday after one of the suspects, dressed as an old woman with a walker and straw purse, was buzzed into the store. Store owner Mike Breaux quickly saw through the disguise and had pulled his own handgun by the time the suspect -- identified as Kevin Knight -- had pulled a .40 caliber handgun from the purse and started to leap over the counter."

Florida: Fatal double shooting ruled justifiable: "The fatal shooting of two Jacksonville cousins by a tenant they were trying to evict was ruled self-defense because one of them was brandishing a gun and a chain, State Attorney Harry Shorstein said Wednesday. Shorstein ruled that the July 9 deaths of John McPherson, 21, and Calvin Threadcraft, 26, were justifiable homicides and 'lawful self defense.' They were shot along with landlord Pamela Batie, McPherson's sister. She survived. Shorstein said the victims were armed with a handgun and chain when they entered the home and the tenant, Melvin Wilcox, was threatened. The eviction was illegal because the victims were not accompanied by a police officer, Shorstein said. 'The law is relatively simple,' Shorstein said. 'If someone enters your home and you are in fear of imminent death or great bodily harm, you can use deadly force.'"

Gun control is a pipe dream : "I set here today kind of sore all over as I was on another trail ride with our four wheelers yesterday. You see I ride with my son-in-law and his brother and some of their young friends. They are very patient and wait for the old guy when they get to far ahead. I must say it sure is fun and very relaxing however with all the muscles you use doing this extreme type riding the body gets sore. We are riding as mush as possible right now before the forest is closed because of fire danger. Anyway while riding on this day we were taking a break and the subject of gun control came up. One of the young men asked why we had to fight so hard all the time to keep a right that was in the Constitution. I thought about that and felt it was a good question. So I feel I have the answer. You see there are people in this country who would love to see our way of life and freedoms lost forever."

The Second Amendment is already dead: "Was the 2nd Amendment included in the Constitution to protect our right to hunt, our right to target shoot, or our right to defend ourselves from the local neighborhood hoodlums? While those may be important benefits of the 'right of the people to keep and bear arms,' is that really why our founders declared it an unalienable right, and locked it in the Bill of Rights at the number two spot -- right behind the freedoms of speech, assembly and religion? The short answer is of course, no. The 2nd Amendment was intended to protect the states and the people from being forced to suffer through another 'long train of abuses' like the ones that led to the war against Britain -- a purpose for which, unfortunately, the 2nd Amendment it is already dead."

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