Sunday, July 24, 2005

North Carolina: Domestic assault ends in shooting: "A 26-year-old Greenville woman told police she shot her ex-husband early Monday after he forced his way into her apartment. The woman told police she grabbed a handgun and told the man to leave her Cedar Creek residence, located on McGregor Downs Road, after he broke in and assaulted her around 2:30 a.m. When he came toward her, she shot him in the abdomen. The man was transported to Pitt County Memorial Hospital after police found him lying on the living room floor."

The NRA fights back!: "The papers are filled with tears from the crying towel of liberals who just don't get it: the NRA is not an extremist group as intentionally mislabeled, it is a liberty advocacy group, the things liberals used to be for, and it is one of the oldest in the nation, if not the very oldest civil rights group. Still, the Columbus City Council cries foul, unable to see how they bite the hand that feeds them: commerce and liberty. Ohio is a right-to-carry state, which means that the People have elected to permit law-abiding to carry weapons. There are no bad weapons, only bad people who use them. And why shouldn't people carry? The law-abiding don't commit crimes. A rational city council would have nothing to fear from law-abiding citizens. Only irrational, unwell public servants fear the public when they should fear criminals."

California: Woman reflects on acquittal: "Anita Sharen savored the tastes and touches of freedom Tuesday. It was her first full day back in her mountain home after a Madera County jury found she acted in self-defense in the shooting death of her allegedly abusive husband in January. She had been in Madera County Jail since the shooting. ... During the trial, Kinney said that Anita Sharen fired in self-defense and that she feared for her safety when George Sharen shattered the glass of their living-room window by throwing a rock through it. She was inside; he outside. Madera County District Attorney Ernie LiCalsi said after the trial that three factors helped Anita Sharen: her age (she'll be 65 Saturday), the way she presented herself in court and the lack of violence in her background."

India: Professors arm themselves: "Teachers at Meerut Government College have added an item to their teaching aids: a weapon for self-defence. Those who have licensed weapons are now bringing them to the college after a student fired at a professor on Tuesday. ``All professors who have licensed weapons have decided to bring them along to the college. Some of us have pistols, others have single-barrel guns that they brought today,'' said Sociology Professor Amarjit Singh, who was the latest target. ``We have no trust in the police...they can't even control eve-teasing here, how will they protect us!'' ``Students are going out of hand...we will tolerate no nuisance now. We too will intimidate them if they threaten us,'' said the Professor. The college is known for incidents of violence, and last year during admissions, a student, Nishant, had been murdered on the campus".

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jeannette said...

Anita Sharen's Husband George Daniel Sharen was the Carol Ryrie Brink author of Caddie Woodlawn's 2nd Cousin once removed.

George's Great Grandfather was Thomas D. Woodhouse. His name appears in the Story Caddie Woodlawn.