Thursday, February 16, 2006

Activist: Take mystery out of guns for safety: "When snipers were killing people during October 2002 in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area, Nicki Fellenzer's coworkers sometimes asked her to accompany them on errands outside their office building in Vienna. 'They know that I carry a gun,' said Fellenzer, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon with her at all times. ... Fellenzer said she doesn't worry about having guns in the house because she and her husband have taught Daniel and their daughters, Sarah, 10, and Anna, 16, about gun safety. 'The No. 1 rule around this house is that a gun is not a toy,' Fellenzer said. 'Our children know this and understand it. They are drilled regularly on gun safety.' ... 'What is the No. 1 rule?' she asked Daniel. 'Don't point a gun at anyone you don't intend to shoot,' he said. 'And where do you keep your finger, when holding a gun,' Fellenzer asked her son. 'Not on the trigger, unless you're ready to shoot,' he said."

IL: 87-year-old woman fatally shoots man in her home: "An 87-year-old East St. Louis woman fatally shot a [black] man early this morning as he was trying to break into her house. Police said they found the man, Larry D. Tillman, 49, of East St. Louis on the enclosed front porch of the woman's house in the 2100 block of Gaty Avenue. He had pulled the telephone wires from the side of the house, then removed security bars from a porch window. As the man was breaking through a storm door that leads into the house itself, the woman fired several shots through her front door, striking Tillman once in the chest. Police said the shots were fired from a pistol, most likely a gun that her daughter had given her after a man broke into the elderly woman's house in December, battered her and stole some items. The man may have been dead for as long as four hours before police arrived. Police said that the woman was not sure that she had hit Tillman when she fired the shots about 2 a.m. However, she was too afraid to go outside to check and could not call for help because the telephone lines were dead. When the woman's daughter arrived about 6 a.m. to bring her mother breakfast, she found the dead man on the porch, police said."

The Million Moon March: "An international citizen disarmament coalition, Control Arms, is sponsoring a 'Million Faces petition' and 'is collecting photos and self portraits from around the world to reach [their] goal of one million faces by June 2006. [They] will use these faces to send a powerful, global message of support to the world's governments for an International Arms Trade Treaty.' The idea of The Million Moon March (as in 'mooning') is to send them photos from the side that believes in the right of the people to keep and bear arms -- to let the rights grabbers know there are untold numbers of people who refuse to be disarmed, and quite candidly, to taunt and hopefully enrage them."

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