Wednesday, February 08, 2006

KS: Gun advocates press for permit bill: "Kansas is one of only four states that offers no concealed-weapons permits. Advocates of concealed weapons say they hope election-year politics may change that. As they have for years, pro-gun lawmakers are pushing a bill that would set up a permit process for residents who want to carry a concealed firearm. Similar measures have passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate in recent years, but have always met with a gubernatorial veto. The bill by Sen. Phil Journey, R-Haysville, would allow concealed weapons permits for state residents over age 21 who pass a background check, complete a training course, and have never been convicted of a felony. Residents with a criminal background of domestic violence, two drunken driving convictions or other certain offenses would be barred from the permit process. Concealed weapons would be prohibited in certain areas, such as state government offices, schools, colleges, day cares, bars, sporting events, and any business that posts a sign banning them."

SC: 70 year old cleared in shooting : "Investigators said a 70-year-old man shot his 39-year-old neighbor in self-defense after he was attacked with a chair at his home. Prosecutors said Thursday they would not charge John Black. Black handed over a gun to police and told them he shot Marc Anthony Pringle on Monday. Anderson police Lt. Layton Creamer said an investigation found that Pringle had a "tendency to become violent.'"

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