Monday, February 06, 2006

CA: Second visit proves fatal for robber : "The Bakersfield Police say two suspects involved in a home invasion robbery in the Northwest last week robbed the same home last summer. The BPD says Jose Covarrubias and a juvenile, stole several firearms and other valuables from the Laxson home on Kearney Hills Drive in June. Last Monday, the BPD says they, along with Jermaine Dabbs broke into the home again. This time, Nathan Laxson shot and killed Dabbs, in self defense."

Research on guns and road rage : "There are multiple concerns with this analysis. There is not attempt to differentiate whether the person who had the gun in the car had it legally or not. No attempt to determine whether they had a gun when the rage occurred. While one regression with a few very basic variables was apparently run (but not shown), no explanation was offered for why such a limited set of control variables were used (e.g., why not trouble with law enforcement, education, income, smoker, race). Trouble with law enforcement (past arrests) would have been obvious (though it would have been even better if they had asked whether the person had convictions for felonies (I wonder why they didn't include that question) .... After a second telephone call, Hemenway said that while he will not give out the data used in the paper, he may reconsider providing a portion of the data, but that he can't make a decision before talking to his co-authors. He is also very busy and would not say when he would check into even this."

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