Friday, February 24, 2006

Progress in Michigan? "The debate over Michigan's gun and self-defense laws is intensifying. Bills in a state Senate committee would give law-abiding people more self-defense rights against criminals in certain situations, including away from home. Gun control groups say the bills are reckless and could create a public safety hazard. The bills would establish a presumption of reasonable fear of death or injury when a law-abiding person uses force in certain circumstances. A threatened person would have no duty to retreat and would be able to meet force with force in situations such as a home invasion or, in certain situations, a carjacking. People would have to have permits to carry concealed weapons when used outside the home. The state already has a process to obtain a permit".

SF ban has few friends: "On Thursday morning, a lawyer with the city attorney's office will try to convince a judge that a voter-passed initiative banning handguns and restricting other firearms is allowed by state law. But save the four members of the Board of Supervisors who placed it on the ballot last November, the ordinance appears to have few prominent friends, even among national gun control advocates. Mayor Gavin Newsom all but disowned it just before Election Day. State Attorney General Bill Lockyer and U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, strong advocates of assault-weapons bans, have taken no position on the San Francisco law. Of four national gun control groups, only one, which is based here, has submitted a friend-of-the-court brief supporting it. Meanwhile, national and state gun rights organizations, along with groups representing movie industry armorers and San Francisco police officers, have jumped into the fray, offering briefs to overturn the law".

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