Tuesday, February 14, 2006

OK: "What's up, fool?": "'What's up, fool?' David Anderson said as he opened fire with a .45-caliber pistol. The startled intruder scrambled through the broken door of Anderson's northeast Oklahoma City business and hit the streets -- but not before taking a bullet. Friday's shooting still is under investigation, but so far, police said, Anderson is thought to have acted in self-defense, firing his weapon to protect his business from at least one would-be burglar."

Anti-gunners still at it -- keep watch!: "Every once in a while, it pays to sit back and take a look at what the anti-gun people are trying to do. So being a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and gun rights, I did just that. Here are a few observations I would like to share. ... I noticed that they have pulled back some and moved into small pockets where they still have a chance. ... For example look at California and the cities in that state. San Francisco, for one, has attempted to pass laws banning handguns. New York City has reacted in the same manner. Both cities have stepped up measures to make their unconstitutional laws have more strength and go after those who have, or bring into the city, handguns."

The gun vote: "Much like most members of the establishment media don't know anyone that voted for President Bush they also don't know anyone that admits to owning a gun. For many the only exposure they have to guns, and gun owners, is when they are covering a murder or working to sensationalize the rare case when a child is accidentally killed by gunfire. The establishment media has therefore tried to downplay the role of the pro-gun movement by attempting to create the impression that gun owners are camouflage wearing militia members on the fringe of society. Their attempt has failed because soccer moms, real estate agents, lawyers, and teachers own guns. Even the sweet little old lady standing behind you in line at the grocery store is often carrying a gun as well."

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