Tuesday, February 07, 2006

NY: Mount Vernon man not guilty in slaying of ex-con : "A Mount Vernon man was acquitted of murder yesterday in the slaying of an ex-convict who had shot him seven years earlier, after the jury accepted his claim that he fired at the unarmed man in self-defense. Mark Powell, 40, bowed his head, then thanked and hugged his lawyer after the jury forewoman announced the not-guilty verdicts to charges of murder and manslaughter. Powell was found guilty of a felony weapon charge because the gun he used was not licensed. He faces up to seven years in prison for the gun conviction. Westchester County Judge Rory Bellantoni scheduled sentencing for March 22 in White Plains. Powell shot Curtis Liburd on Sept. 17, 2005, on East Fourth Street in Mount Vernon. He testified that someone told him Liburd had a gun and that he grabbed his own gun from his car to protect himself when Liburd confronted him and threatened him. He said he fired as Liburd came after him and tried to grab the gun."

Gun owners take a stand : "The decision of whether or not to own a firearm and whether or not to carry concealed is a personal one. Those who obtain CCW licenses and who feel comfortable carrying in public places are taking a stand against violent crime. People who carry concealed put themselves in the unique position of being able to defend themselves and others if faced with a potentially life-threatening violent criminal action. The decision to use force if necessary to save lives is one of conscious responsibility and forthright courage. It means standing up for what is right rather than forfeiting all power to the criminal. It also means standing up when everyone around you acquiesces."

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