Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Georgia police catch and kill crazy robber: "A 19-year old man is dead following a police chase that ended in Clayton County. Officers said 19-year-old James Blacey, Jr. was one of two men suspected in the robbery and beating of a man at the Victory Landing Apartments in DeKalb County Saturday. According to police, the incident began around 4 a.m. when someone living at the complex called officers to report a fight.... Police arrived at the scene and found a man who they said told them that two men had just robbed and pistol-whipped him, then sped off in two separate cars. One set of officers at the scene spotted one of the cars speeding from the area and took off after that car. The chase continued for several miles along I-675 through DeKalb County and into north Clayton County, police said. Clayton County officers assisted in the chase and eventually helped end the pursuit by laying down a spike strip to slow down the speeding suspect. The suspect drove over the spikes and blew out a tire as he sped past the Clayton County police headquarters building and came to a stop. Officers said the suspect then stepped out the car. He had guns in both hands, police said. "He pointed one handgun at his head and then at one point, lowered one of his handguns and directed it in the direction of one of the officers," said Clayton County Assistant Police Chief, Jeff Turner. "The officers then reported hearing a gunshot at one point which time they returned fire."

Why I am a pro-gun pacifist: "Through my association with Libertarian gun owners, I have come to learn that owning a gun, in and of itself, is a peaceful choice. I am surrounded by wonderful people who fully understand that individual choice and personal responsibility go hand in hand. I see that the vast majority of gun owners take the same attitude in making their choice. Over time, I have become comfortable with someone wearing a sidearm sitting next to me at a meeting, or being a passenger in a car when I know there's a gun stashed in the glovebox right in front of me."

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