Sunday, February 05, 2006

Glue gun will mean police can stick to fleeing drivers: "Police in Los Angeles are hoping that a new high-tech device will rid the city of its reputation as the car chase capital of the world. Patrol cars are to be fitted with a Batmobile-like gun behind the radiator grill that fires a sticky globule containing a GPS tracker on to the fleeing vehicle. Officers will then be able to track the car by satellite instead of racing after it along crowded freeways. If fugitives stop to remove the tracker, police say that they will be caught easily. "Rather than pushing them because they are going 70-80 mph and we are attempting to keep up with them, we will just basically monitor where they are going," said William Bratton, the police commissioner. "Let them run. We will just basically track them to where they dump the car. We do that now with helicopters." [Who's nuts here? What if the crooks stop the car and run off while nobody is there to observe them?]

Good old gun-controlled California -- where 9 year old kids carry .38s: "An 9-year-old boy showing off a handgun on his school bus Friday accidentally shot another student in the elbow, authorities said. The 10-year-old victim was hospitalized in good condition. The bus was a short distance from Longfellow Elementary School at 8:20 a.m. when the .38-caliber handgun fired, Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Oscar Butao said. "The other student was showing the handgun to his friend, and it accidentally went off," Butao said. "The driver just heard a gunshot."

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