Saturday, February 11, 2006

Good for the country: "Many people believe people like me are gun nuts. Actually, we're Liberty Nuts. For us, it's not all guns; for us, it's a much broader picture of generations of liberty, sacrifice, connectivity to it all. ... Personal weapons ... is an integral part of our way of life, and any interference with this choice means other interferences to come. This is consistent around the world. How is America immune? Well, she isn't. This is how the carrying of weapons is a barometer -- a predictor -- of the health of all our other civil rights, including freedom of speech, assembly, religion, security in our person and papers."

The latest "study" on gun owners: "I recently had the displeasure of reading a paper about the latest study from David Hemenway, Mary Vriniotis and Matthew Miller. If those names sound familiar, it's because these researchers from the Harvard Injury Control Research Center are well-known for ejaculating anti-gun propaganda under the guise of legitimate research. ... these authors not only mischaracterized the behaviors that define road rage, they also drew no direct causative link between gun ownership and violent behavior on the road. They failed to prove that the presence of guns necessarily precipitates their use in road rage situations, although they're quick to make offensive implications about the subject. 'If someone is giving you the finger, it may be useful to have some sense of whether or not they have a gun,' they claim. They never directly state what they obviously allude to: that if you retaliate, you might get shot. They cannot make that claim, because they have established no factual evidence that points to this risk. However, they appear anxious to make that intimation."

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