Wednesday, February 15, 2006

GA: Mystery man shoots robber: "Gwinnett detectives are searching for a Hispanic man that they know only as 'John' who may have shot and killed a would-be armed robber in Norcross last week. Police think 'John' acted in self-defense, and if he comes forward to talk to detectives, he most likely will not be charged with a crime. 'We just want him to come forward and tell his side of the story,' Gwinnett police Detective Steve Shaw said. 'I believe that he is scared and is probably in hiding, but we will search for him until we find him.' Homicide detectives found the body of 18-year-old William D'Juan Jones of Decatur Jan. 25 in the breezeway of an apartment at 3229 Sunrise Village Lane. Jones was carrying a loaded gun and had a red bandana covering the lower part of his face . Investigators have learned that Jones was part of a robbery crew that had driven to the apartment complex that day, Shaw said. The robbery crew had randomly picked 'John' to rob and followed his dark-colored or burgundy Intrepid or Stratus, police said. Police learned about 'John' in interviews with members of the robbery crew."

Alaska: Teens fail to rob gun store: "Three teenagers are in jail after the owner of Alaskan Guns and Ammo withstood a blow to the head Wednesday afternoon and pulled a gun on his assailants, according to Fairbanks police.One of the would-be robbers struck store owner Stevan Smith on the back of the head with a crowbar. Smith said he thwarted the robbers when he pulled a gun. One robber fled and Smith said he held the other two at gunpoint until police arrived. 'As soon as I got the gun out, the situation changed dramatically,' the 62-year-old said."

Going postal in gun-free zones: "Persons who are determined to kill large numbers have often targeted United States Post Office facilities. Other popular murder spree sites have been schools and churches. What these places have in common is that all ban law-abiding citizens from legally carrying personal defense weapons, access for criminals with weapons is relatively easy and unchallenged, and armed security is limited or absent. Mass murders are more likely to occur in designated gun free zones and not where others are armed. Large numbers of people are not shot in gun stores and at shooting ranges."

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