Sunday, November 26, 2006

AK: School fits gun education into curriculum: "Tom Milliron figures Juneau school children are going to encounter guns one way or another, whether venturing armed into nearby wilderness or visiting the home of a friend. 'Better they learn how to handle a firearm safely than to hurt themselves through ignorance, he says.' Milliron is principal of one of Juneau's two middle schools. Sixth-graders under his care last month completed an outdoor education course that included instruction in safe handling of guns and firing rounds from .22-caliber rifles. For some children, it was the first time they'd touched a gun. 'In gun-happy Alaska, teaching children how to safely handle firearms is just common sense,' Milliron said."

OR: Camper cleared in shooting of ATV driver: "An Idaho man acted in self-defense when he shot a man who was headed toward him in an all-terrain vehicle, a Baker County grand jury decided. Marvin Sauer, 52, of Boise shot Everett Durst, 38, of Vancouver, Wash., in the left leg following a Labor Day dispute near Phillips Reservoir. The incident started when Sauer and his wife arrived to camp in an area where Durst and his party were riding. The sides had a disagreement and Durst later drove a quad runner to Sauer's campsite. Durst began spinning the vehicle in circles, stirring up dust and throwing rocks on Sauer's wife, said Matt Shirtcliff, the Baker County district attorney. Shirtcliff said Sauer fired a warning a shot into the air. Durst stopped spinning the vehicle in circles and started driving in Sauer's direction. 'Once Mr. Durst drove the quad runner straight at Mr. Sauer, Sauer was entitled at that point to fire his gun at Mr. Durst to defend himself,' Shirtcliff said."


I posted the following on 4 December, 2004:

Pennsylvania: Gun suspect uses "tight jeans" defense: "Sean Eldon Duvall, 36, was arrested Tuesday on charges including aggravated assault and reckless endangerment for the June 18 incident. Southwest Regional Police Detective Sgt. James Rega said in court papers that Duvall left his car with the .38-caliber revolver hidden under papers and aimed it at him when he stopped to see if Duvall needed help. Duvall told The Associated Press that he didn't need help; he said he was just stepping out of his car to go to a friend's house to play chess. Duvall acknowledged he had his gun with him, but said he has a permit to carry it, which he tried to show Rega. By law, the gun must be concealed, but Duvall said he couldn't conceal it under his pants while sitting in his car because his jeans were too tight." [Could be true]

Sean has now emailed me to say: "About a week ago, I was found "not guilty" of all charges, by a JURY"


Anonymous said...

Sean was hung out to dry by the DA's office and the JURY TRAIL corrected the DA's mistakes. This case was pure BS!!

Sean Duvall said...

I am the man in the article, Sean Duvall. All these years later? I find it "funny" strange, that when i apply for a good job? THIS list of charges and incident always comes up in any cursory background check... what is interesting? is that it NEVER "just comes up" that I was found not guilty of all charges by a jury trial.

Its not a matter of expunging the record? I believe it to be a matter of it having been in all the newspapers and magazines with my name in the article. I think a lot of these "background check" services, are just typing names into GOOGLE and reporting whatever they "find".