Thursday, November 23, 2006

CA: Idiot hoplophobes go after toys: "Ice-cream vendors in San Diego who sell toy guns out of their trucks should probably think about getting rid of their nondairy inventory. A City Council committee, at the behest of law enforcement, wants to make it illegal for them to sell anything but food. It seems the number of children taking the weapon look-alikes to school has been increasing over the past several years. San Diego City Schools police Chief Don Braun said many of the replicas were bought from ice-cream vendors who congregate near schools. 'Student access to these weapons must be limited by reducing availability from mobile ice cream vendors,' he said."

Armed 92-year-old shot dead in raid: "Police who shot and killed a 92-year-old woman in Atlanta after she wounded three officers were looking for a man who sold drugs to undercover agents at her home earlier that day, authorities said today. The agents got a search warrant after buying drugs yesterday from a man in Kathryn Johnston's home, Assistant Police Chief Alan Dreher said. Johnston's niece, Sarah Dozier, said her aunt likely had reason to shoot the three investigators as they stormed her house. "My aunt was in good health. I'm sure she panicked when they kicked that door down," Dozier told WAGA-TV, adding that there were no drugs in the house. "There was no reason they had to go in there and shoot her down like a dog." Police insisted the officers did everything right before entering the home, despite suggestions from the woman's neighbours and relatives that it was a case of mistaken identity. Kathryn Johnston was the only resident in the house at the time and had lived there for about 17 years, Assistant Chief Alan Dreher said. The officers had a legal warrant, "knocked and announced" before they forced open the door and were justified in shooting once fired upon, he said."

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