Monday, November 20, 2006

Americans want to have security at home: "For most Americans, guns are not a political issue. People buy and own guns to protect their families, not to commit crimes. The truth is that even millions of Americans who support and vote for gun control own guns themselves, because deep down they share the basic human need to feel secure in their homes. The gun control movement has lost momentum in recent years. The Democratic Party has been conspicuously silent on the issue in recent elections because they know it's a political loser. In the midst of declining public support for new gun laws, more and more states have adopted concealed-carry programs. The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and last year's hurricanes only made matters worse for gun control proponents, as millions of Americans were starkly reminded that we cannot rely on government to protect us from criminals."

TN: Pol foils robbery, holds suspects: "Over the weekend county commissioner Greg Lambert foiled a robbery by drawing his gun on a suspect and Wednesday that scenario happened again to a state lawmaker. Volunteer TV has just learned that State Senator Tim Burchett had to draw his gun on four people as they were leaving his warehouse on Ball Camp Pike Wednesday morning. Senator Burchett had three motorcycles stolen out of the warehouse in recent weeks and had been staking it out. He called 911 after catching the burglars in the act, but told us he had to draw his gun to prevent them from escaping. Knox County deputies took three juveniles and one adult into custody. And the suspects led deputies to his stolen motorcycles."

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Anonymous said...

In a new development, the guy Lambert drew down on is now under investigation for a murder that happened earlier in the day.

Lambert could very well be dead now if it weren't for his gun.