Thursday, November 30, 2006

PA: Facing gun, merchant shoots 3: "It was clear to John Lee that the four guys who came into his East Germantown deli Saturday night would not be paying customers. 'They all had their hoodies pulled tight, and it wasn't a cold night,' said Lee, 48, owner of the Chelten Market at Chelten Avenue and Musgrave Street. 'I said, 'You need to take off your hoodies,' then one of them came around the counter with his gun drawn, so I shot them.' Lee fired five rounds from his .38-caliber revolver, striking three of the bandits and rupturing a water line, police said. The gunman dropped his loaded 9mm pistol as he and his wounded partners fled the store. Lee found a fourth would-be robber -- who had not been shot -- hiding in the rear of the store. 'He had a BB gun on him, so I took it,' Lee said. 'Then I beat him up and took his boots and called police.'"

The 2nd Amendment: The original homeland security: "A few weeks ago in an article titled, 'Conscription, Standing Armies, and Love of Country' I wrote that the Federal Government had outlawed the state militias mentioned in the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This was incorrect. The state militias have been 'nationalized' into the 'National Guard' and are now being used unconstitutionally for foreign occupations. Governors across the country are complaining to the Bush administration that their National Guard units are being depleted for the War in Iraq, and that they do not have enough manpower to handle emergencies in their home states."

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RTO Trainer said...

You need to look further into how the National Guard works. The key is that we have a dual role. Most of the time we are the militia of the Constitution. However, at need, the Congress, under it's power to raise armies, can change that status, incorporating us into the federal standing army.

Start with the 1903 Dick Act and work forward. Many changes over the last 100 years from the original militia model.

In particular you need to look at United States Code titles 32 and 10. 10 is the UCMJ and 32 is the title that governs the Guard when used by the fed in it's militia role.