Saturday, November 04, 2006

CO: Victim fights back: "A man allegedly found trying to break into a car got a lot more than he expected when his intended victim fought back. Grand Junction police said 28-year-old Aaron Johnson pulled a knife on the man when confronted Tuesday afternoon, but the victim was armed with a gun and chased Johnson down the street. The incident prompted a brief lockdown after the suspect crossed onto Chatfield Elementary School property. No one was hurt, and police and sheriff's deputies caught the man within five minutes. Johnson faces multiple charges including burglary, and possession of more than a gram of methamphetamine. Police suspect he may be involved in other unsolved burglaries in the area"

Vigilante in trouble: "Adrial White did something many people think about – even if only for an instant. He saw someone breaking the law and took action. In an alley between Blaine and Arthur avenues, in the early morning hours of Jan. 18, 2005, White saw three young men rummaging through his girlfriend’s car. He came out the back door, police said, shouting and swearing and shooting. One of the young men was shot in the back of the neck, and a bullet lodged in his jaw. Another was shot in the back. One ran away, uninjured. The young men met back at the minivan they were driving that night, picked up their friend’s body, and drove to the hospital. Christopher “Eric” Carbajal was dead. Enrico Serra, Jr., needed surgery. Adrial White was arrested, and has been charged with homicide and attempted homicide. Days after the shooting, White’s attorney Robert D’Arruda said his client acted in self-defense. White’s supporters packed the courtroom for his early appearances. They wore shirts and carried signs saying “Free Adrial.” ... City residents packed Gethsemane Lutheran Church for a meeting called by then-police Chief David Spenner and Mayor Gary Becker. Some accused city officials of ignoring violent crime until it struck outside the inner city. Dozens of people leveled criticism at the police, saying they don’t do enough to respond to crime. Many publicly supported White’s alleged actions. They understood why someone would want to use force – even deadly force –- to protect their property. ... White is expected to take the stand in his own defense this week, and D’Arruda, his attorney, said they will be trying to show self-defense. “In my opinion this case boils down to what the jury believes,” he said. “The jury’s decision will be based on whether Mr. White acted in self-defense or not. That’s the jury’s call.”

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