Friday, November 17, 2006

New Zealand: Father disgusted at gun shop charge: "A gun-shop owner whose son shot a man carrying a machete is disgusted that he is to be charged. On July 31, a man entered the Small Arms International Gun Shop in Penrose, Auckland, allegedly threatening to kill staff unless they gave him a gun. A store director, Greg Carvell, 33, shot him in the stomach with a .45-calibre pistol. The man, Ricky James Beckham, 29, survived and was later charged with assault with intent to rob. He will appear in court on November 24. Mr Carvell had been subpoenaed to appear as a witness. Police said yesterday that they would charge Mr Carvell, a co-owner of the shop, with possession of a firearm without lawful, proper or sufficient purpose. He will appear in Auckland District Court on December 6. "

SC: Murder or self-defense? "On the night of February 5, 2005, Scotty Fowler was shot and killed, and April McCullough was the one who pulled the trigger. The defense is saying the shooting was a case of self defense. However the solicitor's office found enough probable cause on that night to arrest McCullough and charge her with murder. ... Scotty pushed past April's mother, bruising the mother. He then broke into the house and chased April to the back of the house and April fired one shot at him. It went into his arm and ended up going into his chest and killing him."

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