Monday, November 27, 2006

NYTimes: Money Makes us Safe, Not Guns?: "In yet another anti-gun rant, the Times has once again sounded the good liberal mantra: Got a problem? Throw money at it. Apparently, outgoing Senator George Allen (R, Vir.) has introduced one of his last bills in the waning days of the 109th sitting of the Senate, a bill allowing concealed carry of firearms inside our National Parks. Naturally, the New York Times is not amused. After informing us that the bill has passed the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, they emotionally proclaim that they "hope it will die the miserable death it deserves".... But the howler of the piece is the claim that throwing money at crime, as opposed to allowing citizens to protect themselves, would make us all safer in our National Parks. "If Americans want to feel safer in their national parks, the proper solution is to increase park funding. "

Women take up hunting: "It's deer season in Maine and although the hunting department of outdoor retail specialist L.L. Bean is packed, this is no old-boy's club. Among the aisles of aerosol deer urine and digital duck calls, there are racks of women's clothing in mossy-oak camouflage, as well as plenty of fluorescent hunter orange. Lined up behind the counter are dozens of guns, many available with a "short-stock" designed to fit more comfortably into women's shorter arms. That's because an increasing number of women are heading into the woods, becoming one of the most enthusiastic segments of the hunting world. Take Laura Beth Fowler, an 18-year-old from McKenzie, Tennessee, who took up shooting three years ago and is now a member of one of the few all-girl trap-shooting teams in the country. With her coach and girls from the team, Fowler loves heading into the wild to shoot birds -- right down to getting out of bed at 4 a.m. and huddling in chilly duck-blinds. "It's a bunch of fun. And it's just so beautiful, being in the woods," she said. Fowler is not alone. The number of women hunters in the United States is on the rise."

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