Friday, November 10, 2006

PA: Man cited again for firing gun: "Township resident Richard S. Seruga received his 10th citation for the same offense -- firing a weapon within 150 yards of an occupied structure -- Sunday afternoon, police said. According to police, Seruga violated a township ordinance when he discharged a pistol on his property in the 3800 block of Bee Line Drive. Police also ticketed him for disorderly conduct Sunday. The 62-year-old had been previously cited for the offense nine times since Oct. 18, usually after neighbors complained about his gunfire. Seruga's attorney has argued the township ordinance doesn't apply to people firing weapons on their own property and last week said his client may sue the township if police continue to cite him."

Gun control hypocrisy: "From Rosie O'Donnell's armed bodyguards to Dianne Feinstein holding one of the only ccw licenses in San Francisco, the anti-gun world is rife with pundits who don't practice what they preach. What is it about these people that make them believe that guns are perfectly ok for protection, as long as it is their guns; and that you can't be trusted with yours? Do they believe their lives are more important than yours? Or is it that they believe they are the only ones capable of handling such a responsibility? It says a lot about their views about the 'common folk' when they exercise a right they daily try to deny you."

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