Friday, November 24, 2006

PA: Robber shot and killed by victim: "A 19-year-old Philadelphia man was shot and killed after he tried to rob another man early yesterday in the 1600 block of West Susquehanna Street, police said. The robber approached from behind as the man left a bar near 15th Street, police said. The robber stuck a gun in the man's back, and demanded money. The man began to comply, then shot the robber in the head, shoulder, chest and right arm with a registered handgun, police said."

Useless 911 calls: "But many crime emergencies are blocked by an armed citizen, and they often go unreported according to the FBI and diligent scholars. This is an invisible solution often ignored by officials, even thwarted by them. Throughout the history of 911, problems with 911 have been belligerence of operators, operator skepticism of reporting parties and repeat pranksters, unclear calls without precise locations, various policies on 911 hang-ups, an over-burdening and overwhelming of the system, and general burn-out of operators remaining on the job. As I mentioned in my last piece, some 911 operators have even been found asleep at the console. For many citizens, a placed 911 call simply goes unanswered or is met with a busy signal."

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand how a 9-11 call would go unanswered. Even the simplest system has a feature the rolls over any call not answered after a number of rings to another agency/town/county.
If this is happening someone should be shot while asleep.