Monday, March 09, 2009

CA: Jury Believes Slaying Was Self-Defense: "An East County man who shot and killed a man he thought was stealing copper was acquitted of multiple charges, including manslaughter. Joseph "Bob" Orlosky, 57, was found not guilty in the slaying of Charles Crow, 23. Also shot in the incident was Hector Monget, 29. During the trial, Orlosky told the court he shot at a Jeep the men were riding in after he believed he heard was a gunshot. It was the second trial for Orlosky in the case. He was acquitted of murder at that trial and retried on lesser charges."

SC: Ambushed pizza man kills attacker: "An Irmo pizza delivery man ambushed by a group of young men trying to rob him Saturday night shot and killed one of his attackers, the Lexington County Sheriff's Department announced Sunday afternoon. One of his assailants, Paul Andrew Sturgill Jr., 17, of 5819 Kenna Drive near Irmo, was pronounced dead of gunshot wounds later at Palmetto Health Richland Hospital, Sheriff James Metts said. The shooting took place about 10:25 p.m. Saturday on Avery Place Lane, a quiet residential street less than a quarter-mile from Irmo High. Sturgill lay on the ground next to a driveway bleeding from wounds in the chest and stomach for a half-hour before medics arrived on the scene, neighbors said Sunday night. The pizza delivery man, Christopher Steven Miller, 43, had a concealed weapons permit and was trying to retreat from his attackers while being beaten by one of them, Metts said. Such a permit allows a person to carry a hidden gun. Miller carried a .45-caliber Taurus handgun in a fanny pack and took it out and fired while being beaten backward, Metts said. Such large caliber pistols are known for their "stopping power" - the ability to bring down an attacker instantly. No weapons were recovered from Sturgill, Metts said. Metts said Sunday afternoon it appears Miller acted within the law and will not face charges. However, police have made no final decisions and will discuss the incident with prosecutors, he said."

North Carolina Shooting May Have Been Self-Defense: "Police in Hickory are trying to figure out if a shooting early Friday morning was a case of self-defense. That shooting happened at a home on Fifth Avenue Southwest around 4:30 a.m. Police said Terry Lee Atkins was shot in the chest and then went to two homes nearby looking for help. Investigators believe Atkins may have gone to a home with a .12-gauge shotgun to rob the people inside, but was instead met with gunfire. The homeowners said they had no choice. Investigators recovered a shotgun dropped in a nearby yard. Police said Atkins underwent surgery Friday afternoon. Officers interviewed 12 people in the case. They plan on turning the evidence over to the district attorney's office to determine whether charges should be filed."

Being lawfully armed can, and does, save lives: "On Wednesday morning, I read with great interest the debate on the proposed gun bills and safety (in the Tennessee General Assembly). I first say I am a proponent of such laws and I will state my reasons. What always seems to be puzzling is how the opposition to such laws who want more gun laws in general never offer any facts, statistics, or verifiable proof their opinion has any validity. There are state and municipality statistics all over this country showing dramatic reductions in violent crime when carry-permits are allowed. Ask your local police officer and I believe the vast majority sees law abiding, licensed gun permit carriers as their partners against crime. Even the psychological advantage swings to the victims of violent crime if the crook is not sure whether they will be met with the barrel of a gun as they accost someone. I would think that any would-be victim would like any advantage that could keep them from being targeted."

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